From abandonment to loving security. From devastation to a living hope. Come and see what love has done to change the lives of orphaned children in China. Living Hope's Angels Tour is an uplifting and lively program made up of traditional Chinese dance, personal testimony, and also praise dances set to songs of worship. Churches everywhere have been touched and inspired by our children's performances and stories!

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We’re excited to announce that seven “China Angels” will be coming to the United States for a four-month tour in the East Coast, tentatively scheduled from late July to early December 2017! These children are from our homes in Shanxi and Hebei.

We would be delighted to be given the opportunity to share this special experience with you and your church. Hosting these precious Angels can simply range from providing a venue for them to perform to offering them one or more meals or a place to rest their heads for a few nights.

Contact Philip Lam at 215.540.8810 or with any specific questions you might have about the upcoming tour.

Visit our Living Hope Angels page to give a special gift toward tour expenses today!

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Posted in China Angels Tour on Jun 02, 2017