What is the Village Aid Program?

While Living Hope International is known for bringing many orphans to live in our children's homes in China, there are hundreds more in the surrounding villages who do not have the family support, finances, food or clothing that they need.

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This is where the Village Aid Program comes in! Our Living Hope staff in China goes to the poorest villages to meet the families and see if they need assistance. Once they are signed up, Living Hope provides living expenses, food, clothes, children’s school tuition, and more!


We brought rice, cooking oil, and clean clothes to this little child's home.


Most of the time, families cannot afford to give the kids a card or a present. Not long ago, our staff went to the homes of the children and brought multi-layer lunch boxes that donors provided, a handwritten card, and a family photo. The children and families are always so touched when our staff visits their homes.

Posted in Village Aid Outreach on Jul 03, 2017