This is a question many people ask when non-profit organizations come to their schools, churches, or jobs to bring awareness on children living in developing/third world countries.

When I was in college, this was a question I had in my mind while listening to a famous organization talk about the children who were in need of sponsors. I was a little disinterested because of the fraudulent stories I heard about certain non-profits and their abuse of the donations that were coming in.

This was also a question I asked when I first joined our organization, Living Hope International. I asked Philip, the Director of Programs, multiple questions. I was surprised and relieved when I heard Philip’s answers because he was very honest and straightforward. The list of questions are below:

1.Why should people sponsor?

There are many less fortunate people in this world. If anyone is able to, they should lend a helping hand. I think it's very meaningful to share your feelings and compassion through giving. These children can’t help their current situation, so it's important to help them so that they can eventually learn to support themselves. Sponsoring a child brings happiness and satisfaction to one's life. I really do believe that. As an adult, we all face our own challenges but I think it's good to think about others instead of focusing on our own problems. It's refreshing to the spirit and mind.

2.What is the ultimate goal for the sponsorship program?

I feel that no child should go hungry, without clothes, education or a future. If everyone does their part, these children will not need to be helpless and always facing hardship. These children had no choice when they were born in a poor village with no one to supply their basic needs. By having sponsors, we are giving them choices to live a normal life. The goal of sponsorship is to provide a safe and loving environment,excellent education and training in which our children can thrive and develop to their full potential.

3.Where does the sponsorship money go?

The money goes to the care for the children. It breaks down to the tuition/school fees, living expenses such as food, clothing, medical attention and educational supplies for the children. If you think about your own children and the expenses in raising a child, we use the sponsorship money to all go into raising these children. We do have administration fees which include the rent of the children's homes, staff wages, transportation costs for the children, building maintenance, etc.

4.What makes our organization different from other organizations in relation to the sponsorship programs?

A lot of organizations have age limits on when the sponsorship stops. I feel that each organization should investigate and learn from each culture because every country is different. Many people think that 18 year olds are adults and old enough to find a job and be independent. For China, that is not the case. Even after they graduate from high school or college, it is very difficult to find a job. Once they become our child, they will always be our child. Our goal and commitment is to make sure that each child is well established and able to care for his or her own needs. Although our children grow up, they are still “orphans” in the sense that they do not have biological parents to look out for them. Our organization is out to help children in need. When a child has needs, we will not hesitate to offer help, regardless of their age. We also provide parental care. We believe that emotional nurturing is important as well.

5.What have been the success stories?

We have many success stories from the children who have become financially independent and have shown their gratitude with heartfelt letters. Please check out the "Success Stories" section in our website.

Guangling Education_2.jpg

Our children studying diligently at Angels Training School.

Guangling Home_07 03 2016_Music.jpg

Our children learning how to play the pipa.


This is Adam! He is one of our sponsor children. Thank you dear sponsors, he is currently attending junior college!

Posted in Sponsorship on Aug 01, 2017